What is Non-Interactive?

Like many developers, I got into the industry because I liked playing games. As I explored software development further, my focus shifted: I learned that I liked automating things. I found the notion that you could write a few thousand lines lines of text that could completely automate a job that might have consumed a human life a century ago intoxicating.

This website is named after a cheeky phrase I came up with a few years ago to refer to my passion for automation. In my eyes, the pinnacle of good a good computer program is one that is completely out of sight and out of mind. It automates something tedious or menial in a completely transparent way, such that you start having difficulty imagining how to work without it.

That is to say, a truly good piece of software is Non-interactive.

A little bit about me

My name is James Betker. I grew up in Southern California and currently live with my wife and two daughters in a suburb of Boulder, Colorado. I love biking, flying, cooking, gardening, and model airplanes. Most importantly, I love computers. I currently work at Google in Boulder and am one of the fortunate few who gets to look forward to going to work each Monday.

When I find free time, I often spend it tinkering with programs. Lately, that has been machine learning. This blog is going to primarily focus on the things that I am doing in that field.